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Who We Are

We are a team of professionals who believe that every child needs to find their career path early in life, to be able to set out on a fulfilling life journey.

Too early can be detrimental, as the child is yet to explore & experience the various opportunities available. Too late, and anxiety & disappointment may set in. Just like the magical hour of 5am, it is important to find your career path at the right time.

Vijaya Rangaswamy

counsellor for career in india

Founder & Lead Counselor

Vijaya is a Leadership Development Expert, Career Counsellor, Coach & Mentor. She was a Human Resource and Learning Development Leader with over 16 years in the IT industry at different capacities at Cisco Systems & Hewlett Packard.  She is also a Certified Career Counsellor & Master Product Trainer.

Vijaya is an ambitious, strong minded, dedicated lady, highly committed to providing the right guidance to teenagers, young adults and professionals to find fulfilling career paths.

She believes that every individual has a unique inherent skill set and once that is identified it can work wonders for them. Vijaya has excellent leadership qualities and has been a very active member of various groups in creating career awareness and has a great network in the corporate world. “We  take utmost care in helping you discover your true potential and interests, guiding you to your desired career path” she says.  


Pinkie Hirani

top career guide in India

Founder & Marketing Head

Pinkie comes with deep experience in the field of sales & marketing with various IT Companies in India & the Middle East. She feels passionately about the subject of career-guidance & enjoys  her time spent in the space of education empowerment.

She worked her way out from the smallest state of Goa, to the “IT capital/start-up capital of India”– Bengaluru.

“Over the last few years I found myself getting deeply thoughtful about child education and development & got involved in various aspects of a child’s growing-up years – from teenage tantrums, to child abuse, to helping a child cope with the trauma of losing parents or simply the sparkle in a toddler’s eyes for new toys. I looked forward to helping a child glide through various experiences” she says.

As a Co-founder & Marketing Head, she propels the organisation forward to reach out to institutions and individuals and help them towards great career journeys.


  • “I am better aware that when my 15 year old explores her options they are still in line with her interests and abilities together.  A frantic look-up on the internet was our earlier approach, but after having gone through her report with Vijaya in details, my daughter’s focus and our resources are better channeled now.” Thanks to 5am Career Studio team

    Maria Rai

    Parent of Mayel, Student of Christ PU College, Bangalore
  • “I run five restaurants in Bangalore and hospitality training has grown to be more formal than in my times.  I was hopeful that my son would take up to the profession alongside, even with top notch formal training possible.  Both our children took the test, we sat together through the sessions and I’m happy to support them in their completely different choices.”

    Pema T Takchung

    Parent of Nehal, Student of Jain PU College, Bangalore
  • “In my final year of Engineering, Vijaya and Pinkie did a career launch workshop and took us through some of the finer aspects of a selection process.   I was more focused on my marks for attending interviews.  I hadn’t paid much attention on – how to create and narrate my own story or how to highlight my abilities as team player. I find that confidence taking me to the next level and not too worried about being a fresher.  Thanks, Vijaya and Pinkie Ma’am”


    Keerthi – Final year engineering student