About Us

5am Career Studio is a career-guidance organisation that specializes in working with teenagers & young adults to help them make a successful transition from Education to Employment, through proper career guidance. 

Our Approach

Every individual has an inherent gift. As trained counsellors we believe, that in working closely with you, we can help put together the pieces of your own unique puzzle. Thus helping you make important career-decisions that will shape your future.

And if you are at a stage where your career seems unfulfilling, we help you slowly & smoothly move direction.

Helping you find a fulfilling path, is what gives us joy.

Our Mission

student career counselor

Guide, mentor and counsel students, with the support of their parents/guardians to help them choose a career that they are happy to pursue. Guide professionals into re-discovering a path that brings greater fulfillment. 

Our Vision

online counselling for students about career

Help empower the next generation with informed career choices in line with their skills and interests. We are propelled by the vision of creating a generation that find fulfilment in their work

Our Process

Our process has been developed and refined from years of experience and successes in education counselling and involves these key integrated stages:

Discovering Innate Preferences

The start point, is where  we do an in-depth yet objective psychometric assessment, based on theories such as MBTI &  John Holland’s theory, as part of the process, whether it is career counselling online or face-to-face.

As a guardian, you instinctively know that your young ward, while depending on our decisions and guidance, already has an in-built system that will guide them. Letting their intellect flow freely will help them develop their sense of independence and confidence. Reaching into the depths of their subconscious minds to unwrap a career path that they dream about.


A chat whether face-to-face or online, will help us delve deeper into what excites you & is your true-calling. They will help us arrive at a place where a career-decision becomes easier (and happier)

Insights & Knowledge

An understanding of your career preferences, your motivators, present day job roles and aligning qualifiers shows you where your career-compass is pointing. We then help you pick from a myriad of careers, courses and choices. 

Wrap-up Meeting

We have taken away the randomness of the career-choice process out of the equation, by narrowing down those fields & areas of interest that will excite you. You can now view your career roadmap through a clear lens.

Career Choice Report

A detailed report with career recommendations, (industry-specific and job-role-specific)  based on our expert assessment of the psychometric test, interview & our insights.  You are now ready to set out on a happy career path